Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Fall/Winter Newsletter

October 2018 Update from the Country Lane the Board of Directors:

Were you unable to make the Annual Homeowners Meeting?  Here’s what you missed:

Quorum Requirement Met:  Thanks to all of you who signed Proxies.  Proxies exceeded actual attendance. Without your Proxies we would not have been able to conduct any business.

ACC Members Re-Elected:  The current four member of the ACC (Deb Herbst, Greg Bassett, Jessica Holland, and Dianna Hughes) were all re-elected for an additional one-year term.

Board Member Re-Elected:  Pat Shipley and Keith Taphorn were both re-elected for an additional three-year term.

Committee Reports: 

ACC:    Jim Donahue (for Deb Herbst) provided an update of the positive progress made over the past year by the ACC.  A 33-year resident, original homeowner, commented that the community looks the best it has since he’s lived here. 

Social:  Heide Williams provided a review of the Social Committee events from this Pool Season, as well as, an overview of plans for future events. 

Welcoming: Nikki Miyata provided a brief overview of the baskets that the Welcoming Committee (currently just Nikki) will be distributing to new homeowners.  It was suggested and approved that a thumb drive with all of the Country Lane ‘Governing Documents’ be included in the baskets.

Financial Items:  Joe Morrisey reviewed the Year to Date Financials for Country Lane.  In short, we are in great financial shape (Minimal Past Due Accounts, Positive Year to Date Budget Results, Strong position on Reserves, Loan Payments on track to meet the Board’s objective of paying the 10-year loan off in 5 years)!  The 2019 Country Lane Budget was unanimously ratified.

Thank You:  Jim Donahue spent a few moments thanking the Board, ACC, the Social Committee, the Welcoming Committee, and our Cherry Creek HOA Professionals account manager, Shane for everything they have done to make and keep our community the noteworthy place it is.

2018 Objectives & Results

1.     Continue to Monitor Delinquent Account Balances

a.     Delinquent Balances Holding Steady at $6,345 = 2.86% of Annual Budget

2.     Add Additional Security Cameras -- Completed

a.     Additional Coverage for Parking Lot and Front Sidewalk

3.     Update Exterior Lighting at Pool House -- Completed

a.     Replaced High Energy Use Lights with LEDs

b.     Flag Light Needs Adjustment (Too Broad a Beam)

c.      Ground Effect Lighting Added During Landscaping Project

4.     Update Landscaping at Pool House -- Completed

a.     Refreshed the Landscaping Around the Pool House

b.     ET Water – Intelligent Water Management System (City Rebates 50% of Hardware Cost over three years)

5.     Continued Support of Current ACC Initiative to Address Violations

a.     Published Revised Rules & Regulations

b.     Assisted with Show Cause Hearing Support

6.     Conducted Reserve Study

a.     Results Pending.

7.     Provide a Safe Pool Environment

a.     No Behavioral Issues with Swimmers at the Pool this Season

8.     More Community Activities

a.     Social Committee Held Five Events

9.     Other Accomplishments

a.     Reserve Investments (Bonds) Netted the Association over $5,000 Income

b.     Verizon Cell Tower is Providing $4,200 Income / year to the Association

2019 Issues and Objectives

1.     Assessing Options for Pool Management

a.     We will Continue “Swim at Your Own Risk” Policy when there is no Lifeguard

b.     Lifeguards are becoming a scarce commodity – We may be unable to secure an acceptable Contract that includes lifeguards.

c.      Investigating Other Options (Details provided when viable options are solidified)

2.     Continue to Ensure a Safe Pool Environment

a.     We will amend the Pool Access Agreement to Encompass 2019 Season Needs in conjunction with the decision on 2019 Pool Management

3.     Additional Umbrellas (One Replacement & 2 New Umbrellas & Stands)

4.     Resurface Both Pools

a.     Adding New Stairs at the Shallow End w/ Dual Handrail

b.     Revise Stairs in Baby Pool as well

5.     Refinish Wrought Iron Fencing Around Pool House

6.     Promote Positive Neighbor to Neighbor Interactions

a.     Welcome Committee

                                          i.     Basket to Newcomers

b.     Meet Your Neighbors

                                          i.     New Neighbors – Welcome Them

                                         ii.     Old Neighbors – Meet Them

c.      Help Your Neighbors Integrate into the Country Lane Community

                                          i.     Provide Some Assistance on Rules & Regulations – This may be their first experience in a covenant-controlled community

7.     Continue to Monitor Delinquent Account Balances

a.     Continue to Pursue Payment Plan Option with Delinquent Homeowners

8.     Continue Support of Current ACC Initiative to Address Violations

a.     Assist with Show Cause Hearing Support

9.     Implement Reserve Study

a.     Revise the 30 yr. Replacement Plan from 2012

10.  Continue to Manage Reserve Funds

a.     Review / Revise Investments as Necessary

Other News: 

Pet Management:      The Board has received requests to ask Residents who walk their dogs to respect your neighbors’ yards…pick up their ‘business deposits’.

Valuables in Vehicles:  Individuals leaving their vehicles unlocked and/or leaving valuables in plain sight are at risk.  We recently had a purse found on E. Baker Place from a home on E. Dickenson Place.  The owner said it was the third time it had happened to her in the past 12 months.  Just something to be aware of to help lessen such activity.

Large Trash Items:      If you have large items that will not fit into the WM trash containers (i.e. sinks, sofas, furniture, etc.) Waste Management will not pick them up on their normal rounds because our contract with Waste Management does not cover that activity.  Therefore, you will need to schedule and pay for a ‘Special Item Pickup’ with Waste Management.

Open ACC Violations: If you have an Open / Unresolved ACC violation, please take a few moments to contact the ACC via Shane by telephone or email to establish a resolution plan and date.  The ACC and the Board are willing to consider suspending further fines during the resolution plan timeframe.  However, if the resolution plan is not completed by the agreed upon date…the suspended fines that accumulated during the period will be reinstated.  This gracious offer by the ACC and the Board is a one-time offer…Don’t Miss Out!  This offer expires at the end of the November 20th Board meeting.

October Board Meeting: The Board will hold its next meeting on October 16th at the Pool House starting, as usual, with Show Cause Hearings and the Open Homeowner Forum at 7:00p.  Feel free to attend.

Best Regards,

Your Board of Directors

Jim Donahue Keith Taphorn

Joseph Morrisey   Don Jenkins 

Dawn Stickler          Pat Shipley

Your Architectural Control Committee

Deb Herbst                    Greg Bassett 
Jessica Holland       Diana Hughes