Thursday, August 23, 2018

Waste Management Labor Day service delay

In observance of Labor Day, your pickup schedule will be delayed by one day following the holiday. Please put carts out for service one day later than usual. Remember to position your cart four feet from any other objects, including fences, mailboxes, parked vehicles and other carts, so that we can service it safely. 

Safety is critical to Waste Management every day of the year. The holiday is a good time to remind children to give our trucks plenty of space to operate. Encourage kids to watch safely from the front step. Help them understand what it means to stay 15 feet from a truck.

Please remind children never to try to touch a working trash truck, even if it’s stopped. They should never try to add something to a cart while it’s being serviced. If a ball (or pet!) disappears under the truck, they should not chase it. Get the driver’s attention and wait until the driver indicates it is safe to approach the truck.

If you are hosting an outdoor celebration over the weekend, remember to designate a separate container to gather bottles and cans. Place it near the trash but clearly label as recycling only (“Recycle empty bottles and cans”). Keep food, liquids and trash out of the recycling.

Thank you for doing your part to help keep our community safe, clean and green!