Sunday, July 1, 2018

July Newsletter

July 2018 Update from the Country Lane the Board of Directors:

Thank You #1

            The Country Lane Board of Directors and the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) wish to thank the members of the Country Lane Community that continue to abide by the agreement that we all signed when we decided to move into a covenant-controlled community.

Thank You #2

            The Country Lane Board of Directors and the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) wish to thank the members of the Country Lane Community who have responded quickly and favorable to notices from the ACC about issues with your property.

Reminder to those not covered above:

The Country Lane Board of Directors and the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) wish to remind you that, as members of the Country Lane Community, you are also expected to abide by the agreement that you/your landlord signed when you/they decided to move into a covenant-controlled community.  Below is a list of the most frequently noticed problems.  If you have received a Past Due notice or a Violation Letter please resolve the problem promptly or, at the very least, contact Cherry Creek HOA Professionals to explain why that is not possible.

You or Your Landlord Agreed in Writing to:

  1. Pay monthly assessments in a timely fashion.
  2. Maintain the yard (weed free, fertilize, water, mow, edge).
  3. Remove weeds from the yard/driveway/rocks.
  4. Trim or remove trees and bushes that encroach on structures and/or sidewalks.
  5. Remove dead trees as they detract from the appearance of the property.
  6. Remove root balls or grind down tree stumps.
  7. Remove Oil Stains from Driveways.
  8. Repair concrete/flatwork for driveways, pathways, and porches.
  9. Paint the Home in a timely fashion.
  10. Obtain ACC approval prior to any exterior work outside the home that consists of alterations, additions, or changes including Painting a Home or Replacing the Roof.
  11. Store Trash Containers out of sight in the garage or behind the privacy fence.
  12. No storing of Boats, Campers, Trailers, or RVs in the community outside a 48-hour loading/unloading event.
  13. No storing of Inoperable Vehicles.  Please place them in your garage or store outside the Community.
  14. Adhere to commercial vehicle parking stipulations.
  15. Obtain approval, in advance, for any private group or party events of 10 or more people at the Pool to assume the cost for additional lifeguard services to maintain a safe lifeguard to swimmer ratio.

The Board of Directors and the ACC Agreed to:

  1. Maintain the common areas (Community Wall, Pool House, & Landscaping).
  2. Monitor adherence to the Protective Covenants / Rules & Regulations.
  3. Provide fiscal management of the Community’s Assets.

The Social / Pool Committee Activities:

The Board would like to thank the Social / Pool Committee for their work this season

Events so far this Pool Season:

  1. Pool Opening / Memorial Day Party – In-spite of the cool weather on Memorial Day, there was a good turnout.  It seems that Mother Nature has a way of trying to dampen the festivities but, the Social/Pool committee took that in stride and provided a good time for all.
  2. The first Movie Night was June 15th   The Movie Sandlot was shown and Cotton Candy was served.

Next Up:  4th of July Featuring Food Catered by Jim N Nicks BBQ – This event is being catered and has a limited budget with an estimated number of participants so, please be considerate of your neighbors by limiting the number of guests from outside the community.

Remaining Events for this Pool Season:

  1. The second Movie Night is August 17th.  The movie will be Moana.  Enjoy freshly popped popcorn.
  2. Pool Closing Party / Labor Day is September 3rd. Enjoy an old fashion Cookout with freshly grilled burgers, dogs, and sides.

Community Update:

The Board has a variety of projects in the works and would like to thank everyone for their patience. 

  1. After the 2018 Pool Season both the Main and Baby Pools will be resurfaced.  Availability of vendors prevented scheduling this being done prior to the start of the 2018 Pool Season.  The Baby Pool was unavailable at the beginning of the Pool Season because of this.  A temporary fix was made to make the Baby Pool available.
  2. Pool House Landscaping Project – The new landscaping look for the Pool House does not include brown grass.  Failure of a sprinkler controller caused a detrimental impact on the new landscaping as well as the grass along Iliff.  A temporary fix was made (See item 3 below) and the grass is recovering.
  3. Intelligent Water Management System – In November 2017 the Board of Directors contracted with JBK, our current landscaping vendor, to provide an Intelligent Water Management for the community.  This new system will replace our old (and failing) system.  The new system uses weather stations to provide the right amount of water at the right time.  See for a fast and informative tour.  We are still awaiting installation of the system.  There is a rebate from the City of Aurora that will help recover the cost of the hardware over the next three years.
  4. Security Cameras added – Two additional security cameras were added at the Pool House prior to the start of the 2018 Pool Season.  The security cameras now provide expanded coverage, of the parking lot as well as better coverage of the front door area.
  5. Reserve Study – A full, ground up, Reserve Study is in the works.  This will enable the Board to adjust its plan for the Common Area needs of the Community based upon the major changes done over the past six years since the last study.
  6. Financial Items – Steady progress is being made toward paying off the loan for the Pool House Rust Abatement Project prior to the 5 year ARM rate adjustment.  Additionally, the outstanding Bad Debt balance continues to drop.
  7. Vendor Reviews – The Board is in the process of exploring the availability of alternative vendors because of concerns with the performance of some of our current vendors.  We will provide updates as we make changes.

Is Swimming Laps Your Thing? – Contact Shane for Your Options

Best Regards,

Your Board of Directors

Jim Donahue Keith Taphorn

Joseph Morrisey   Don Jenkins

Dawn Stickler          Pat Shipley

Your Architectural Control Committee

Deb Herbst                    Greg Bassett 

Jessica Holland       Diana Hughes