Tuesday, May 8, 2018

May Newsletter tidbits

May Newsletter Tidbits

Spring appears to finally be here and nearly everyone will be moving outdoors so, let’s do our best to make it memorable for the right reasons.  Please respect your community by assuring that your pets, whether dogs or cats, are not roaming the neighborhood unattended and doing their business on your neighbors’ property.

No IFs, ANDs, or BUTTs: 

IF smoking is your thing AND you must do it outside please police your BUTTs.  The preceding is a Public Service Request from your neighbors.

YES & NO: 

YES, there will be a Communitywide Garage Sale.  To help avoid conflicts with graduations and the sketchy weather at the end of May, the Country Lane Community Garage Sale will be held from 9am to 4pm, June 8th, 9th, & 10th.  Our large Garage Sale Signs will be erected at the Salida Way & Sedalia Street entrances.

NO there will not be a roll-off trash bin in the Pool House parking lot.  Please dispose of your unwanted items appropriately. 

Here are some viable recycle / disposal options:

Best Buy -- electronics (no CRT/TVs), GFL bulbs, & rechargeable batteries. 

Batteries + Bulbs -- lead acid batteries.

Habitat Restore (on Abilene) -- reusable household items

ARC Thrift Stores (at Iliff & Buckley) -- clothing and other items.


            Yes, individual residents within the community may reserve the pool for private parties and events.  Please reach out to Shane Lussier at shane@cchoapros.com or 303.693.2118 with Cherry Creek HOA Professionals to obtain more info on such events.

        Every Owner must complete, sign and submit their 2018 Pool Access Authorization Form (found on Home Page of the Community Website under "Forms & Documents") prior to receiving pool access.  Forms can be submitted via email to Shane or dropped off at the Management Office.  Lifeguards will not let individuals in if your FOB is not active.
             Should you need a replacement FOB, you must reach out to Shane so he can order a replacement for you (could take up to 2 weeks), so act soon.  You will also be charged a $50.00 replacement fee. 
              Again, if you are behind on HOA dues or have active/open non-compliant violations on your home, you will not receive access to the pool until such remedies have been made/completed.

Please visit Country Lane HOA Website for latest Community News & Events