Thursday, August 31, 2017

Community Update

Update from the Country Lane the Board of Directors:

First and foremost, the Country Lane Board of Directors and the Architectural Control Committee would like to acknowledge and thank the roughly 72% of the Country Lane community that is helping to maintain the appearance of our community. 

At a recent Board of Directors (Board) meeting the “Appearance of the Community” was described as having been deteriorating over the past several years.  This was evidenced by the growth in the number of Architectural Control Committee (ACC) violations (77 current open violations) as well as the percentage of the community with one or more open ACC violations (28% of the homes in the community).  Although the Board is a separate entity from the ACC, the Board supports the enforcement of ACC actions through the development and maintenance of written procedures and the imposition of fines levied by the ACC. Both the Board and the ACC agreed that a review of the current processes and fine structure was needed.  So, the Board and ACC met to update the process and related fine structure.  The updated information will be published in the Fall with implementation effective January 1, 2018.  So, if you have an open violation please take steps to resolve the violation or provide the ACC with date when the violation will be resolved. In the revised process, violations will move more rapidly toward resolution/fines than the current process.  Fines will be higher and repeat offenses will be dealt with differently (no grace period).  Look for details in the October Newsletter.

Expectations for Country Lane Entities

As you know, Country Lane is a Covenant Controlled Community of 271 homes.  For the benefit of both new and older community members the Board is providing the following sets of expectations for the roles of the Board, the ACC, and Homeowners in layman’s terms:

The Board of Directors (Board):  A group of six elected volunteers who are expected to:

1.      Manage / Maintain the Assets of the community

a.      Financial Assets (Reserve Fund, Operating Fund, Investments, Insurance)

b.      Physical Assets {Pool (Building, Equipment, Furnishings) Landscaping, Fence, etc.}

c.       Plan for the Future needs of the community

2.      Manage the financial affairs of the community via a Management Company

a.      Create and manage an annual Budget for the operational needs of the community

b.      Collect Assessments both Current and Past Due

c.       Collect Late Payment Fees and/or Fines Assessed by the ACC

3.      Develop and maintain Procedures to assure consistent treatment of all homeowners

a.      General Rules and Regulations

b.      Pool Rules

c.       Collection Process

d.      ACC Violation Process

4.      Provide information to homeowners who have questions or concerns about the community

a.      Contact information for non-HOA related matters

b.      Act as the final dispute resolution entity for HOA related issues

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC):  A group of four elected volunteers who are expected to:

1.      Develop and/or Maintain the Architectural Standards for the community

a.      House Paint Colors, Roofing type and Color, Fence style

b.      Sheds, Decks, Landscaping

c.       Vehicle parking

2.      Review ACC forms for compliance with established standards for proposed work

a.      Approve, Deny, or Grant a waiver

3.      Enforce established Architectural standards

a.      Issue Violations

b.      Conduct Show Cause hearings

c.       Assess Fines for non-compliance and/or repeat offenses

Country Lane Residents:  A group of 271 homeowners/renters who chose to live in this Covenant Controlled Community and are expected to:

1.      Maintain the exterior appearance of the residence (Includes anything visible from the street)

a.      Paint the residence when necessary using an ACC approved color scheme

b.      Replace the roof when necessary using an ACC approved color shingle

c.       Maintain the Driveway and replace when warranted (deteriorating)

d.      Remove oil stains from driveway

                       I.     Stain removal product is available free (Contact Shane at Cherry Creek HOA Pros)

e.      Maintain the appearance of the landscaping (Grass, Trees, Shrubs)

                         i.     Feed, weed, water, cut and trim the yard

                         ii.    Prune the trees and shrubs

                         iii.   Remove dead trees and/or stumps

f.        Remove stationary vehicles (haven’t moved in a week or more)

                          i.      Vehicles parked in the rocks beside the driveway

                          ii.     Vehicles with expired license tags parked on the street

                          iii.    Inoperable vehicles parked on the street or in the driveway

g.      Adhere to Commercial Vehicle policy in Rules and Regulations

h.      Remove Motorhomes, RV trailers, Pickup Campers, Utility Trailers, Boats within the 48-hour grace period for loading and/or unloading

Best Regards,

Your Board of Directors

Jim Donahue   Keith Taphorn

Joseph Morrisey   Don Jenkins

Dawn Stickler           Pat Shipley

Your Architectural Control Committee

Deb Herbst                     Jillian Crandall 

Jessica Holland       Diana Hughes