Monday, March 13, 2017

Community Spring Newsletter

Spring 2017 Update from the Country Lane the Board of Directors:

The Pool:

Rust Mitigation Completed:  You may have notice some activity at the Pool House recently.  Not to worry…it was just the final HVAC improvements being made to assure that our rust issue will not happen again.

Pool Furniture:  The new pool furniture has arrived.  It is quite a departure from the previous (last 32 years of furniture).  It is pool furniture you might see at a resort…very nice.  The chaise lounges have built-in wheels to make them easier to move.  Gone are the big bulky umbrella tables.  They have been replaced by free standing 9’ umbrellas and square tables with adjustable legs (no more rock and roll).  This will allow for more flexible placement of umbrellas and tables.

Replacement of the Pool Deck:  Starting March 15th the cement surface within the pool area will be removed and replaced.  The new surface will be permanently tinted ‘desert tan’ and be stamped in an attractive multi-block design (except for a two-foot border around the pool and the perimeter of the pool area which will be a brushed texture).  NOTE:  The parking lot will be fenced off with a temporary chain link fence while the work is be done.

Security Camera System:  An Avertx 16 channel HD IP NVR with 6TB HDD, 8 4MP cameras with a 100’ night vision capability has been purchased and will be installed prior to opening day.

Pool Season: The 2017 Country Lane Pool Season will begin on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and continue through Labor Day.  Pool Hours have not yet been finalized but, are tentatively 11:00am – 8:00pm. 

Other Items of Interest:

Monthly Assessment Amount is $75:  As of January 1, 2016 the Monthly Assessment was increased to $75.00 per month.  Although the increase took effect over fifteen months ago there are still residents paying at the old rate.  Late Fees accrue on your account if the balance is not paid in full / current. So, please make sure that your payment is for the correct amount ($75).  Contact Shane to discuss what you can do to bring your account current. Payment Plans are negotiable with the HOA Board.

ACC Expanded:  During the past six months the configuration of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) has changed.  At the Annual Homeowners Meeting last September, Jessica Holland was elected to the ACC.  In November, Dave Neidlinger, the former ACC Chairperson resigned because he would be moving away from Country Lane.  Shortly thereafter, two individuals volunteered to join the ACC (Deb Herbst, an original homeowner and former ACC member and Jillian Crandall, a longtime homeowner on E Baker Place).  They joined Dianna Hughes to serve Country Lane on the committee.  With Spring just around the proverbial corner the ACC has the following to share with you:

From the ACC:

We, the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), seek the on-going assistance of All Residents of Country Lane to help maintain the look and feel of the Community. 

The House Painting Process: 

1.      Take a critical look at your house. 

a.      What would someone looking to buy a house in Country Lane think about it? 

b.      Know that a good coat of paint helps protect your wood from drying out. 

2.      Download an ACC form from the Country Lane website.

3.      Choose a base color and accent color(s) from the Country Lane Paint Book.

a.      The Paint Book is currently at the Cherry Creek HOA Professionals office.

                                                                          i.      14901 E Hampden Ave #320, Aurora, CO 80014

                                                                        ii.      (303) 693-2118

4.      Complete and submit the ACC form for approval.

a.      If painting an existing approved color combination, approval is automatic.

b.      If painting a combination from the Country Lane Paint Book, approval is guaranteed.

c.       If you desire to deviate from the paint book, schedule a meeting with the ACC.

5.      Begin painting

Community Do(s) and Do Not(s): 

1.      Please Do Not speed through the Community.

2.      Please Do clean oil stains from your driveways.

a.      Your HOA Board of Directors has purchased a product for this purpose.  It is available to you free of charge at the Cherry Creek HOA Professionals office.

3.      Please Do remove your Holliday Lights by 1/31 of each year.

4.      Please Do keep your Trash/Recycle Totes behind your fence or stored in your Garage on non-collection days.

5.      Please Do Not store Trampolines and/or Sport equipment (Nets/Goals) in your front or side yard without Architectural Review and Approval.

6.      Please Do Not Park/Store trailers and/or RV's in front of your home for more than 48 hours.

7.      Please Do pick up after your own dog.

8.      Please Do maintain your lawn throughout the growing season (May-October).

a.      Do Not allow it to dry out due to a lack of irrigation

b.      Do provide routine mowing

c.       Do control weeds in the rock areas.

9.      Please Do respect your neighbor’s property.

a.      Do Not allow your trees/landscaping to encroach on your neighbor’s property.

Best Regards,

Your Board of Directors

Jim Donahue   Keith Taphorn

Joseph Morrisey   Don Jenkins

Dawn Stickler           Pat Shipley