Monday, November 7, 2016

Country Lane Newsletter

November 2016 Update from the Country Lane the Board of Directors:

Pool House Rust Mitigation Is Finally Done: 

We know it seemed to take forever to complete the repairs but, the Pool House is once again structurally sound.  And, in recognition of your patience, the Board has decided to celebrate with a catered party at the Pool House.  Prior to the celebration, the Pool House will be cleaned from top to bottom.

Celebration Details:

            When:             Saturday, November 19th from Noon until 2:00pm

            Food:               Jim & Nick’s BBQ

Invitees:          Country Lane Residents Only    (No Guests Please)

RSVP:             RSVP to ( by November 12th for headcount purposes 

2017 Pool Season: 

              Pool Deck:    The Board is in the process of selecting a contractor to remove and replace the cement around both pools and including the patio area.  At this time we are looking at doing a colored stamped concrete surface.

       Pool Furniture:   The Board has selected commercial grade sling style chaise lounges, commercial grade square dining tables with composite tops and matching chairs.  Additionally, in lieu of umbrella style tables there will be free standing 9’ umbrellas to provide more flexibility  

             Pool Policy:   It won’t be long before plans for the 2017 Pool Season will need to be finalized.  Several requests were made at the Annual Homeowners meeting in September:

1.      Change to a ‘Swim at Your Own Risk’ policy.

2.      Have an ‘Adults Only’ swim time – after normal Pool Hours.

3.      Extend the hours of operation for the Pool – 11:00a to 8:00p was proposed.

Of the three requests presented, the ‘Swim at Your Own Risk’ policy, if implemented, would eliminate the need to specifically address the other two requests.  However, it is not a simple as it sounds. 

1.      Implementing a ‘Swim at Your Own Risk’ policy is an abrupt departure from the way Country Lane has managed the Pool Seasons from inception to date.

2.      A Pool contract would need to be reviewed for ‘Pool Facility Monitoring Only’ which means NO LIFEGUARDS.

3.      Prior to having their Pool House access FOB activated for the 2017 Pool Season, each household would be required to sign a Release of Liability agreement.  Such an agreement would include specific requirements for swimming competency associated with a minimum unattended age for admittance.  Also, specific acceptance of personal responsibility for any household member or guest’s safety and behavior.

4.      Hours of Operation could be expanded (i.e. from 9:00a to 9:00p.)

5.      According to our Management Company and Legal Counsel, and also discussed at the Annual Homeowners meeting, an ‘Adults Only’ swim time is not legal because it is considered ‘discriminatory age profiling’.

Other News: 

Fence Painting:          The Fence has been painted!  Looks Great!

Verizon Cell Unit:       Verizon is currently getting bids for installation of their cellular antenna.

Pet Management:      The Board has received requests to ask Residents who own cats to please manage them the same way other Residents manage their dogs.  Please do not continue to let them roam freely.  There are racoons in the community which could impact their wellbeing.

Pool House Events:    With the completion of the repairs to the Pool House the Board is considering offering the use of the Pool House for “Private” functions throughout the year. We would appreciate your input and / or questions relative to permitting this type of use.

November Board Meeting:   The Board will hold its final meeting of 2016 on November 15th at the Pool House starting as usual with an Open Homeowner Forum at 7:00p.  Feel free to attend.

Best Regards,

Your Board of Directors

Jim Donahue   Keith Taphorn

Joseph Morrisey   Don Jenkins  

Pat Shipley