Monday, May 2, 2016

Rabies Alert


Be Alert for Rabies!

A skunk in the Del Mar Park area tested positive for rabies on Wednesday April 27, 2016. The skunk was found in a residential neighborhood and may have exposed other people or animals.

Rabies is a fatal disease that spreads to animals and people by the bite or scratch of an infected animal. Report any contact with a skunk to Tri-County Health Department immediately at 303-220-9200.

Take these steps to protect your family and pets:

·       Do not feed, touch, or handle wild animals.

·       Be sure your animals are current on their rabies vaccination.  Immediately have your veterinarian vaccinate your dogs, cats, horses, and livestock if they are not up to date.

·       Maintain control of your pets and keep them under direct supervision.

·       Call the Colorado Parks and Wildlife office at

303-291-7227 you see a sick wild animal.

·       Contact your health care provider if you are bitten or scratched by a wild animal. Also report the incident Tri-County Health Department at