Friday, April 29, 2016

Weather Winter Advisory!

Weather Winter Advisory 
This Weekend!

Once again we are in for a heavy spring snow storm and we don't want a repeat of the last one... or the one before that! So what can you do to minimize the damage? The main thing to consider is safety first! If there are any downed limbs or trees near power lines, stay away and call your power company immediately. There are more tips below that will help; we hope that this storm will not be as bad as the last, it is always better to be prepared. 

Most of the trees are leafing out or are in flower and the limbs are pretty heavy. Add in the snow load and we could have some problems.

The best thing to do is give them a shake. 
Yes, you will get snow all over, but you will save your tree. For larger trees; use a broom, rake or long pole to jostle the branches to reduce the snow load. Do this several times during the storm as needed to help prevent breakage.

For some evergreens (like upright Junipers) you can tie up the limbs so that they don't break. You can use clothesline rope, rope or plastic ties to pull the branches up and together.

If you do have storm damage, please give us a call. Immediate emergencies
will be taken first. Any pruning work that has been scheduled will likely be delayed in order to deal with emergencies. Not to worry, any work that has to be rescheduled will be completed as soon as possible; you will be first in line.
Irrigation Systems

The first thing is to cover the back flow on your irrigation system. You can wrap it with specialized material from a hardware store, or you can simply wrap it up with heavy blankets. If your sprinkler system has not been turned on, it will be fine.
Your Board of Directors,

Country Lane HOA