Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October Newsletter 2015

October 2015 Update from the Country Lane the Board of Directors:

The Annual Meeting:

In case you were unable to attend the Annual Homeowners Meeting in September, here is a brief synopsis of the major items on the agenda:


The Pool House:

Structural Integrity Issue:  The substructure that supports the Pool House floor has suffered severe rust degradation and needs to be reinforced with new steel beams.  In addition, the root cause of the rust problem, moisture in the crawlspace under the Pool House, needs to be mitigated to avoid a reoccurrence of the problem.  The rough order of magnitude cost for the Rust Abatement Project exceeds $250,000.  We do not have a firm estimate at this time.  The cost of the repairs far exceeds the available funds in the Country Lane Reserve Account (money set aside for scheduled maintenance) leaving the Board was faced with one of two options.  The first option would be to do a one-time Special Assessment of around $1,000 per home. The second option would be to obtain external financing to fund the project.  The Board decided that the second option would be the better of the two.  This option will require the monthly assessment for home to rise from the current level of $65 / month to $75 / month for the period of time needed to repay the loan.  That would take roughly 6 years.  Once the loan is paid off the monthly assessments would be reduced by $10 / month.


Related Issues:  Associated with the Rust Abatement Project is the need to close the Pool House until the project is completed.  We currently have no definitive time frame for completion.  Therefore, it is a distinct possibility that the pool will not be available for the 2016 Season. That being said, the Board is in the process of contacting our sister community, Lake Shore, to see if we can make arrangements for our residents to use their facilities for the 2016 Pool Season.  Look for an update on this in the Spring Newsletter.


The Community Fence:

Multiple Areas Needing Repair:  There are several areas of the fence around Country Lane that need to be repaired.  The most obvious area is just to the West of the main entrance. A motorist had a medical event that caused them to lose control of their vehicle and hit the wall.  Unfortunately, their insurance was not in effect at the time so, the community will have to pursue legal means to recover the cost of the repairs.  Those repairs have been completed as well as two other areas of the fence along the boundary with the New Life Church that were in need of repair / repositioning due to non-impact related issues. Finally, a section of the fence along Iliff that has suffered deterioration from sprinkler water is being investigated for repair.


Past Due Accounts:

Significant Progress Made In 2015:  There was a significant reduction in Past Due Balances during 2015.  The Past Due Account total was reduced by 37% from $33,599 to $21,176 during the first eight months of 2015.  The Board will continue to pursue offering payment plan options prior to attorney involvement, where possible, to avoid undue added expense to the homeowner.



Welcoming Committee:  After a number of years being dormant in Country Lane we now have a volunteer, Nikki Miyata, to head the Country Lane Welcoming Committee.  Please feel free to contact Nikki niki.l.roberts@gmail.com to help her get the committee rolling.  We have had a number of newcomers to the community recently that need to be welcomed.


Social / Pool Committee:  After a several of years being involved in the remodeling of the Pool House and Chairing the in Country Lane Social / Pool committee, Carol Donahue has decided to give someone else the opportunity to manage things.  The Board would like to thank Diana Allison (303) 337-7063 and Cindy Stoeber (303) 743-0282 who have stepped forward from their previous positions on the committee to take charge.   Please contact one of them to become involved.

2016 Budget:

The Country Lane Board of Directors has approved the 2016 Budget.  The monthly assessment will be $75 for 2016.  Please click the "Budget" link to view the HOA 2016 Budget

Other Items of Interest:

Food Bank Donations:

Attached are photos of the food that was donated by Country Lane Residents at the Pool Parties for the guests that attended with them.  The Social Committee delivered the items to the Food Bank of the Rockies.  Thank you all for your support and generosity!

Community Fence Tagged Again:

Thank you Graffiti Removal Volunteers:  The Community Fence was tagged again recently in two places…where it was damaged near the main entrance and also along Vassar Pl.  The Board would like to thank the resident at 17529 E Caspian Place and Board member, Pat Shipley for taking the time to remove the graffiti using the elephant snot product that the Board has purchased for this purpose.  It does appear that the product worked better than expected so, some repainting of the Vassar fence may be required.
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