Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 2015 Newsletter

July 2015 Update from the Country Lane Board of Directors:

The Pool:

The Pool Access Management System: The Board is pleased to announce that after a few minor initial issues the secured access system for the Country Lane pool is providing the desired results. The Radio Frequency (RF) ID access management system is providing authorized Country Lane residents exclusive access to their pool. You may have noticed unauthorized individuals attempting to gain access to the pool. Do not let them in but, do tell the lifeguard. The Lifeguards have been instructed that they are not authorized to admit anyone without a FOB. In addition, anyone with a FOB that will not open the door is instructed to contact Shane at Cherry Creek HOA Professionals. His cell phone number is posted on the sign at the main entrance.

Pool Fobs: The Fob you were issued this season is yours to keep until such time as you move from Country Lane. Your access will be deactivated at the end of the season. Next Spring you will need to bring your Fob and a 2016 Access Agreement Form to have the Fob reactivated. Please keep the Fob in a safe place because, replacement Fobs cost $50.

Abbreviated Pool Hours: It may be hard to imagine but, in a few short weeks school will be starting. At that time our lifeguard coverage will be diminished. Accordingly, the weekday pool hours will be changed to 3:30p to 7p. Weekend hours will remain ha to 7p.

The Pool House:

Structural Integrity Investigation: During the course of Phase B of the Pool House Remodeling project the contractor needed to access the crawl space under the Pool House to investigate why heat was not going to the Women's bathroom. Reconnecting a heating duct cured that problem. However, other issues were discovered that needed to be investigated.

Lesser Issue: there was standing water in the crawl space. The Board contacted the City of Aurora to come test the water. The Board was concerned that there could be a leak in the Pool plumbing (chlorinated water), or a leak in the building plumbing (tap water). After a three month wait the City was able to get an inspector out to test the water. The good news is that there isn't a leak in either of the plumbing systems. The water was considered 'ground water' so, the addition of a sump pump and better ventilation should resolve that issue.

Greater Issue: During the inspection by the City significant degradation of the Pool House's floor substructure and foundation were noted. We were told that the building is not in immediate danger of collapsing. However, this is a significant and potentially very costly problem. The Board is in the process of selecting an engineering firm to do a full analysis of the building's substructure. When the results of the inspection and proposed solutions are identified the Board will pass that information along to the Community.

Pool Party Requirements Update:

Pool House Use (Pool Season - During Normal Pool Hours):

Residents are encouraged to host parties at the County Lane Pool during the course of the regular pool hours. Pool remains open to the entire community.

Pool parties need to be coordinated through Shane at Cherry Creek HOA Professionals There is no charge to use the Pool facility during regular pool hours.

The cost of additional Lifeguard support would need to coordinated through and paid directly to Apollo Aquatics.

Pool House Use (Pool Season - After Normal Pool Hours):

• The use of the Pool House will require advanced scheduling through Shane at Cherry Creek HOA Professionals.

A $200 damage/cleaning deposit will be required. Exclusive of any damages, $100 will be retained to cover the rental of the facility.

The cost of Lifeguard support would need to coordinated through and paid directly to Apollo Aquatics.

Pool House Use (Off Season - New Availability):

Now that the Pool House renovations have been completed and the facility has year-round availability, Country Lane Residents are encouraged to hold gatherings at the Pool Facility after the end of the Summer Pool Season.

The use of the Pool House will require advanced scheduling through Shane at Cherry Creek HOA Professionals.

A $200 damage/cleaning deposit will be required. Exclusive of any damages, $100 will be retained to cover the rental of the facility.

Annual Homeowners Meeting (September):

Agenda Items Request: Please take a few moments to digest everything included in this newsletter and think about Country Lane related issues that may or may not have been addressed by the Board over the past year. Then call or send an email to any of the Board members listed at the end of this newsletter and we will add the item to the agenda for the Annual Homeowners Meeting. If you can't be there to address the item in person you are welcome to provide a written statement or have a neighbor address it at the meeting.

Proxy Request: If you will be unable to attend the Annual Homeowners Meeting (Date and Location are still TBD) please provide a Proxy to one of the Board Members prior to the meeting. The meeting date, time, location and a Proxy form will be included in the notification mailing for the Annual Homeowners Meeting. Look for the mailing towards the end of August.

Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Reminders:

Roofs: Prior to starting any roof replacement work you must submit an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) form for approval of the color of shingles. Although the color palate of acceptable options has been expanded to include a wide variety of browns, other colors are not acceptable. Failure to comply with the approval process and installing an unacceptable color could result in a lien being placed against your property.

Exterior House Painting: If you are repainting your house the same color combination you need only submit an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) form. Your previously approved color combination is 'grandfathered in'. Otherwise, prior to starting any house painting you must submit an ACC form with an available color combination from the Sherwin Williams / Kwal paint book. Paint books are available at either the Cherry Creek HOA Professionals office or from Dave Neidlinger (ACC Chairman). As with roof replacement, failure to comply with the approval process and painting your house with an unacceptable color could result in a lien being placed against your property.

Community Property Update:

Monument Lighting: After an extended period of inoperable lights on the West side of the main entrance we are sure that the new LED flood lights are a welcomed addition. It is truly amazing the amount of light that is produced by one highly efficient light fixture. Additional outlets were installed to support our Christmas lights.

Flowers and Trees: After the rains finally subsided and the monument lighting electrical work had been completed we were able to address the flower beds at the monuments. The winter was hard on some of the bushes and a tree just West of the main entrance on Iliff. So, along with the planting of annuals, the Board authorized JBK to remove the dead pine tree and replace bushes that did not survive the winter. As of this writing, not all of that work has been completed.

Graffiti Removal: After the last day of school vandals tagged six panels on the Country Lane wall that runs along Vassar. During the period of time the incident was being investigated by the police, and possibly due to the vile nature of some of the graffiti, some well-meaning party or parties took it upon themselves to paint over portions of the original graffiti with white paint. This impromptu effort increased the expense to remove the graffiti from a couple of hundred dollars of graffiti removal product and several hours of volunteer labor to $1,000 to have a contractor repaint the entire Vassar wall. On a positive note, this did not appear to be a gang related tagging.

Addressing Delinquent Accounts:

The Board continues to address accounts with past due balances. The transition to the new management company (Cherry Creek HOA Professionals), has been successful with only minor accounting issues. We do still have about a dozen accounts with minor past due balances so, we do send out statements to those past due, so please do not ignore notices from the HOA. Please contact Cherry Creek HOA Professionals at (303) 693-2118 with any questions.

For those homeowners who are behind on their monthly assessments and have not been turned over to the attorney for collection, a repayment plan negotiated with the Country Lane Board of Directors offers distinct benefits. First, additional Late Fees and Interest charges are waived during the repayment plan period (provided the agreed upon repayment schedule is adhered to); Second, the additional costs of Liens and Attorney Fees are avoided. This can be a substantial extra financial burden on the homeowner; and finally, a repayment plan gives the homeowner "A light at the end of the tunnel" to strive toward which is achievable because it is based upon their individual situation. So, please contact the Board through Cherry Creek HOA Professionals at (303) 693-2118 with a repayment plan proposal. An added bonus of being on an approved payment plan is the reinstatement of Pool access privileges.

Repayment plans are also available to homeowners who are currently placed with the attorney. Contact Gary Tobey at 303 799-3429 to discuss your repayment options.

As always, we value input from the community and welcome you to attend our monthly (except December) Board meetings at the Pool House on the Third Tuesday of the month. We begin each meeting at 7:00 pm with time allotted for a Homeowners' Forum so, come join us.

Best Regards,

Your Board of Directors



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